6000HP Shredder Downstream System


An existing 6000HP shredder downstream system was remodelled to meet the client’s required performance criteria.

A new 4-Cyclone air cleaning module was incorporated to extract the shredder light fraction. The existing rotary drum magnets were repositioned to separate the shredder heavy fraction and ferrous products. New conveyors and support structures were also installed to complete the revised layout.

The new system achieved the following environmental and performance guarantees:

Dust Particulate Emissions: 5mg/m³ of air
Ferrous Product Content: 0.75% by weight non ferrous, dirt and dust
Average Plant Throughput: 240 metric tonnes per hour
Plant Availability: 99%
System Warranty: 24 months

Installed Equipment

4-Cyclone Air Cleaning Module

Fan Extraction Unit

2 x Shrinkage Conveyors c/w Longs Removal System

Z-Box Cleaning Chute & Modified Drum Magnet Line

Support structures, access platforms and product chuting

Recovered End Products

Ferrous (Frag) Product

Shredder Heavy Fraction (For Further Processing)

Shredder Light Fraction (For Further Processing)