Shredder Heavy Fraction Upgrading: 0-100mm Fraction


An on-line system was installed to process the 0-100mm SHF product from an existing shredder downstream.

The aim of the system was to increase product revenue streams and reduce landfill costs.

Installed Equipment

Flip-flow Screen

To separate a <6mm fines fraction

Fines MOR Drum & 4T Fines ECS

For <6mm ferrous and non-ferrousĀ metals recovery

MOR Drum & ECS Unit

For 6-100mm ferrous and non-ferrousĀ metals recovery

2 x ISS Units

First unit to produce a metal free drops fraction. Second unit for stainless steel recovery

KSS Unit

For insulated copper wire (ICW) recovery

Aspirator Unit

To produce a clean aggregate fraction

Also installed: Conveyor System, 3 x Picking Stations, Support structures, access platforms and product chuting

Recovered End Products

<6mm Fines Non Ferrous Metals

Stainless Steel (Zurik)

Insulated Copper Wire (ICW)