Shredder Light Fraction – Fines Upgrading


A fines separation and upgrading system was added after the final SLF discharge conveyor on an existing shredder downstream.

A trommel was utilised to separate the 0-20mm fraction from the total material stream.

The fines fraction was processed through a Steinert FinesMaster unit incorporating a rotary drum magnet, belted head drum magnet and fines eddy current separator to provide four separate products:

  • High grade ferrous
  • Low grade ferrous / magnetic dirt fraction
  • Mixed non-ferrous metals
  • Residual fines light fraction

All separated fractions were chuted into product bays under the support structure. The >20mm oversize fraction from the trommel was transferred via conveyors to a stockpile.

Installed Equipment

Sizing Trommel

To separate a <20mm fines fraction

Steinert FinesMaster Separator

Shaker Feeder Unit

5 x Conveyors

Support structures, access platforms and product chuting

Recovered End Products

<20mm Fines

Non Ferrous Metals

<20mm Fines

High Value Ferrous Metals

<20mm Fines

Low Value Ferrous Metals