Residual Shredder Fraction Processing

Recent installations have concentrated on further upgrading the shredder heavy, light and ASR fractions from the main downstream to achieve three main aims:

  • An increase in overall recycling rates towards the ELV directive
  • An increase in product yield and revenues
  • A reduction in landfill costs

Systems have incorporated the following technology:

  • Eddy currents separators
  • Steinert sensor and induction based sorters
  • Aspirator units
  • Fines processing equipment
  • Trommels and screens

Additional recovered products include:

  • Aluminium and residual Non Ferrous Metals (Zorba)
  • Stainless Steel (Zurik)
  • Insulated Copper Wire – ICW
  • Aggregate

Complete processing systems can be incorporated on-line to the main downstream or as stand-alone units.