Scrap Metal Processing

Our core expertise is within the scrap processing industry, where we design and manufacture downstream separation systems. These are incorporated after heavy duty shredders which fragmentise redundant items such as end of life vehicles (ELVs), general light iron and other scrap metals.

The downstream system comprises a specific combination of air cleaning and magnetics to separate the total material exiting the shredder into the following main fractions:

  • Ferrous Metals (Frag)
  • Shredder Heavy Fraction – (Non Ferrous Residue)
  • Shredder Light Fraction – (Shredder “dirt / fluff”)
  • Automotive Shredder Residue – ASR (a mix of SHF & SLF)

We are able to offer two main approaches to downstream processing in terms of:

a) Air Cleaning Systems

Where air extraction is used to remove the shredder light fraction at the head of conveyor exiting the shredder, prior to the drum magnets. Electro-magnetic drums are then utilised to separate the ferrous and shredder heavy fraction products. This is the more common approach in the UK and Europe.

b) Magnetic Cleaning Systems

Where the total material exiting the shredder is first passed to the drum magnets to recover the ferrous product. The shredder heavy and light fractions remain as a mix for further processing to recover and upgrade the non ferrous metals. This type of downstream is more common in North America.

Our shredder downstream systems have been developed to meet stringent environmental regulations placed on scrap processors whilst at the same time achieving the required commercial specification of metallic end products.

Whichever method of separation is utilised, our controlled mill water injection system is also incorporated to enhance the environmental features of the downstream.

Key benefits of the combined system include:

  • Dust emissions from the fan exhaust to meet or exceed environmental legislation requirements. R.E.D. Ltd can guarantee dust particulate levels in the air from the fan chimney on air cleaning downstream systems to be less than 10mg/m³
  • Reduced fire risk within the shredder
  • Inhibited effects of explosions within the shredder, in terms of both force and noise
  • Reduced shredder dust emissions
  • Reduced conveyor transfer point dust creation
  • Reduced capital and operating costs when items of plant such as mill extraction systems, wet arresters, venturi scrubbers and other filters are removed from a downstream system
  • Clean, commercial quality, products

The shredder heavy, light and ASR fractions can be further processed for the recovery of additional products. Please click here for more information.

Our systems are compatible with any model of shredder up to 10,000HP drive capacity and a full “turnkey” supply is offered. The layout and specification of the complete downstream is individually designed to suit the client’s specific processing requirements.